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Why See A Specialty Trained Orthodontist?

Why you should see a specialty-trained orthodontist: select the right approach and treatment method.

To align a crooked, spaced, or otherwise, imperfect smile, it’s a good idea to consult with a trained orthodontist.  An attractive and stable outcome of care depends upon selecting just the right approach and treatment method. At the office of Carlton & Chastain Orthodontics, we provide the highest quality of orthodontic care. We offer a broad spectrum of services to address the orthodontic needs of patients of all ages. Whether the correction of severely crowded teeth is required, or the treatment of complex jaw discrepancies is indicated, we’re well equipped to help.

As a skilled specialist, an orthodontist undergoes several years of advanced training beyond dental school to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of facial growth and development as well as an understanding of the principles and methods of tooth movement.

An orthodontist can provide guidance and care on a number of concerns, including:

  • The best time to begin treatment in a growing child
  • How to control harmful oral habits
  • The correction of severe dental crowding or spacing
  • The alignment of impacted canines
  • How to treat significant jaw growth disparities and craniofacial anomalies
  • Dealing with the complexities of aligning an adult smile

Achieving healthy, attractive, and stable outcomes of care

As providers of expert, reliable care, we use the most comprehensive selection of orthodontic appliances and advanced systems of care. We also believe that a healthy and attractive treatment outcome depends upon establishing a successful partnership in care. From the initial consultation to carefully outlining every step in treatment and explaining how to take of orthodontic appliances, we’re attentive to every patient need and concern. And, even after treatment is completed and the braces are removed, our office makes sure you have the tools and information to maintain your newly aligned smile.