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Unexpected Issues

Unexpected issues? We've got you covered! Some situations need ot be tended to right away.

Life can be unpredictable, and some of those random events aren’t always enjoyable. You cut your finger, your car engine won’t turn over, your house keys went missing or your child’s braces are unexpectedly malfunctioning.

The office of Carlton & Chastain Orthodontics is committed to the orthodontic care of all of our patients. We’re especially tuned in to the possible trepidations of our juvenile patients. Some situations can be effectively managed until the next scheduled visit. Other situations, however, need to be tended to right away.

Braces and other types of orthodontic appliances can become loose or damaged, often because a patient has eaten foods that were not recommended by his/her orthodontist. Other circumstances include harmful oral habits such as nail-biting, chewing on ice, and eating sticky foods like popcorn, nuts and sticky candy,

Sometimes, however, even eating “the right foods” and taking proper care of one’s braces won’t be able to prevent a brace to break, a wire to fail or an elastic accessory to dislocate. Common orthodontic disturbances include:

  • protruding wires
  • a loose molar band
  • a broken orthodontic bracket
  • a disjointed steel ligature
  • a dislodged elastic ligature band
  • mouth ulcers
  • a broken or bent removable appliance
  • a wire completely out of its tubing
  • a dislocated expander

Though all of the above situations might be uncomfortable and unsettling, other problems can develop—ones that fall into the category of health emergencies. If you start experiencing severe pain, develop significant swelling or have sustained an injury to the teeth, mouth or jaws, it’s essential to get prompt medical and dental attention. Once the extent of your injury or infection has been evaluated, it will be treated appropriately.

Today, not only are latest generations of metal appliances substantially smaller and much less unsightly, one can also select types of braces that are even less visible. Tooth-colored ceramic braces, or a series of removable invisible aligners all effectively deliver treatment while being barely noticeable to others.

Remember, it’s never too late to undergo orthodontic treatment and enjoy the benefits of an attractive, well-aligned smile. Straight teeth, a good bite, and a harmonious relationship between the upper and lower jaws are much more than just attractive physical assets; they also make it easier to clean your teeth and enjoy comfortable oral function. With today’s advances in orthodontic technology and treatment, it’s no wonder so many adults are choosing to align their smiles.