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Adult Orthodontics

Adult braces are more common they they have been in the past. It's not too late to get a great smile!

While a generation ago it was extremely unusual to see an adult with braces on their teeth, today that is no longer the case. Thanks in large part to advances in dental technology, greater access to care, and an increased awareness of the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile; now over twenty percent of people wearing orthodontic appliances are adults. Empowered by the knowledge that one is never too old to have orthodontic care, greater numbers of adults are actively seeking treatment for either crooked teeth or jaw problems that have bothered them since childhood, as well as to address teeth that have shifted over time due to extractions, habits, or abnormal bite patterns.

Today, not only are latest generations of metal appliances substantially smaller and much less unsightly, one can also select types of braces that are even less visible. Tooth-colored ceramic braces, or a series of removable invisible aligners all effectively deliver treatment while being barely noticeable to others.

Remember, it’s never too late to undergo orthodontic treatment and enjoy the benefits of an attractive, well-aligned smile. Straight teeth, a good bite, and a harmonious relationship between the upper and lower jaws are much more than just attractive physical assets; they also make it easier to clean your teeth and enjoy comfortable oral function. With today’s advances in orthodontic technology and treatment, it’s no wonder so many adults are choosing to align their smiles.